I have always chosen to Think Different.  Maybe that’s why I’m a Mac fan. But then again, maybe not. I believe that if you have the guts to take the road less traveled, even if you trip over your own feet, ultimately you will contribute something unique to the world. And that’s what it’s all about.


A few years ago, I was asked to give a talk to an MBA marketing class. The professor, who was also a friend, told me to just tell the students about myself. Tell them my story – how I started my career and ended up owning my own business. He also wanted to know if I needed a projector for a PowerPoint presentation. I asked him if he had a whiteboard and some colored markers.

Here’s the official story

I have been designing and executing public relations, and business development campaigns for over 20 years, and in the last decade, I have become very active in social media. My writing covers a variety of platforms including press releases, news & feature articles, social media, websites, blogs, newsletters & other collateral, and grant writing for nonprofits.

My consulting business began when I was laid off from a corporate PR job. I began working out of a home office before it was fashionable, with just a simple PC, fax machine (eek what’s that) and a Canon xerox. Eventually I developed an extensive client list in the realm of upscale lifestyle including health & wellness, fashion, beauty, food and technology. Over the years, my clients have included New York Times best selling authors, Sundance Award winning filmmakers, Harvard MBAs, noted fashion designers, and many other innovators who are experts in their fields. On behalf of my clients, I have produced and/or participated in Red Carpet events, grand openings, art exhibitions, new product introductions, trade shows, film festivals and more.

I began my career at Lewis & Associates, a leading Los Angeles public relations and advertising firm. During the time that I was with L & A, I worked on high-profile accounts ranging from commercial and residential real estate projects to big name architectural firms and other professional services. Our clients were regularly featured in the Los Angeles Times, LA Business Journal, Wall Street Journal, and key trade publications. Today, in addition to servicing my own clients, I work with my old boss Dick Lewis on special projects – in his home office!

Along the way, I have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, Forbes.com, AllBusiness.com, Burbank Leader, Glendale News-Press, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and Readers Digest, to name a few.

Here’s the fun version

The one certainty I have always had in life is that I could do two things: Music and Writing. These two disciplines have given me great joy, almost torn me apart, earned me money, and in the end, made me who I am. I majored in Philsopophy and History at the University of Wisconsin, motivated by a passion for the subject matter and the hard truth that once I graduated, I would most likely never read Kierkegaard. Indeed, I didn’t crack open a book for decades!

Once I left university, I began my career in music. As co-founder of a popular band, I toured the Western States of America as a vocalist and multi-keyboardist. After 10 years, the market changed and I realized that I need to get a new perspective. So I tapped back into my Writing. Twenty-five resumes later, I landed a fantastic job at one of the top PR & Advertising firms in Los Angeles. (You can read more about this in my official story).

Today, thanks to the flexibility of having a home office, I can service my clients and do my music. One of the things that makes me happiest finding a way to unite Music and Writing is that I can apply my professional skills to helping arts organizations and other nonprofits.

I am currently president of the Burbank Chorale, one of the oldest performing arts groups in the State of California. Through my development efforts, the Chorale has received funding from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Medtronic Foundation, DEW Foundation, The Capital Group, Time Warner, Rhino Records, and numerous private donors. I am also on the Board of the St. Francis de Sales Choir and a member of the Studio City Neighborhood Council Bylaws Committee.

Just in case you were wondering, I sing soprano with Independent Opera Company, Burbank Chorale, Wagner Ensemble, St. Francis de Sales Choir and Los Angeles Korean Musicians Association.